The objective of passenger surveys is , by  asking  a series of questions to gather information about what most traveler’s do or think about an airline, flight, service or airport lounge etc.

Subsequently,  the gathered information and data must be evaluated in a meaningfull way, so the right  conclusions and decisions can be done.

Sounds simple, but it is not: since we are dealing with a subjective perception and opinions, the  results are involved with particular  situations and  emotional feelings, which sometimes complicates the correct interpretation.

This small  example is to illustrate  how difficult it will be to interpret this passengers score  objective and meaningful.



Is there an optimal concept or solution  to achieve  the above mentioned  objective?

 There are two common ways of implementation and interpretation  of passenger survey:

  • by contracted professional audits, conducted by trained auditors
  • by asking traveller’s feedback and opinion directly

According to recent media reports, the solution  to conduct audits with so called “audit experts” seems not to be an optimal solution, see e.g. decision of Etihad or UK’s Advertising Standards Authority Ltd , adjudication on Skytrax Research.

So, what remains is the old fashioned way: ask your passengers by yourself !

And that is exactley what our clients are doing.

Our clients, mostly travel departments  and travel managers of large european corporations uses the AirlineProfiler to assess Airlines. The survey module provides a good supplement to complete the entirely picture of an airline by including the  perspective of passengers.

The survey modul COSY  is  a free of charge additional service to our AirlineProfiler clients and subscribers.


Some Details about our  Survey Modul:

  • Delays statistics, per airline and airport
  • Satisfaction with the airport / check-in / gate area
  • Satisfaction on board + Service
  • Misshandled luggage statistics
  • Misconnecting flights
  • Worldwide codeshare and wet lease analysis
  • The survey was designed specifically for mobile devices and smartphones.
  • Survey is completely anonymous.

The survey consists of 10 questions and 4 additional  disclosures per flight. The application is available on all platforms, and especially suitable for smartphones (85% of the passengers own a smartphone). Also here, the customer  needs to enter only the flight number.

Duartion per survey  approx.  20-30 seconds per flight.

Weighting factors

In order to obtain  comparable results  as possible, each  rating score  passes through five weighting factors –

















According to corporate standards means, to take the expectations and standards into  account of the  company which conducts the survey


Comparability of Airlines

Airlines are not the same, actually each Airline is  very unique, therefore also the survey results.

To  be able to compare the score of an airline with the results of other airlines it is necessary to determine the comparability. Screening the basic structure of each airline and seeking for similarities  helps us to examine the comparability, e.g

• Cost structure, revenue structure and productivity
• Fleet composition.
• Traffic System markets: market dominance, market share and competitive position
• Flight Safety, Quality Image, on-board service, timeliness.
• Distribution channels and pricing policies,
• General company profile, business structure

The more  similarities means  more comparability with other airlines. This is also taken into account in the overall assessment of the survey together with the weighting factors. For more information, please refer to  us with the subject  “Twinning Factors – Airline Profiler”.


Small review on results

We selected the period between March- June 2014 , 2013 business travelers (from the pharmaceutical and chemical sector) participated , 1330 valid surveys received, with more then 18.600 answered questions. In total 62 Airlines have been evaluated , 99 %   IATA Members.




Scale –





Composition of the score –

Passenger SCORE for each issue = min 1 point  —-> max. 5 points per question

+ Weighting factor 1

+ Weighting factor 2

+ Weighting factor 3

+ Weighting factor 4

+ Weighting factor 5

+ Overall impression of the flight

= Score



The highest score of 5 points overall means the airline fulfilled  passengers expectations with 100%  – here  a short review of degree of fulfillment , sorted by airline, expressed in % –


Airline received  more than  600 evaluated answered questions  (some airlines narrowly missed the above mentioned requirement and would have raised the average).

Busines Class, longhaul flights , schedule carrier

Twinning factor: > 60 %

Questions treated :

  • Passenger perceived Safety
  • Service & Friendliness on Bord
  • Cabin & Facilities Cleanliness
  • Seat & Cabin Comfort
  • Catering
  • Overall Impression of Journey


The business traveler’s testified the airlines in average 75 % fulfillment, i.e. high score. Also in questions of punctuality (arrival) , luggage handling  and connecting flights, the airlines and airports presented a very professional operational performance.  But we have to bear in mind , we still deal with subjective assessment and  very   short snapshots, i.e. to obtain a better and more comprehensive picture, we have to observe longer and get more reviews.





delay connex



Score sorted by Alliances




Business class, longhaul flights, sorted by regions












Important  key points for business travelers






DATA Sheet for evaluation – CSV or Excel format – Excerpt



The modul provides for each client and survey a data sheet in CSV format , automatically.

For more information, questions or  and data, please contact research[at]

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