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Legend for Radar Diagramm
FST – Flight Safety; PRC – Pricing policy
QAL – Quality assurance; OPM – Operations Management
IFS – Inflight Services; FLT – Fleet Evaluation
GRS – Ground Services; ENV – Environment
AMG – Airline Management; BIZ – Financial annual reports
RTS – Routing concept; NWM – Network Management

Here is a very short extract from the Airline Profiler, an analytical evaluation module for the systematic analysis of the quality of airlines in terms of safety, performance and economic cost effectiveness.

The Airline Profiler consist 12 Modules:

  • Flight Safety
  • Pricing policy
  • Quality assurance
  • Operations Management
  • Inflight Services
  • Fleet Evaluation
  • Ground Services
  • Environment
  • Airline Management
  • Financial annual reports
  • Routing concept
  • Network Management

and a special Emission Calculator (EMICA) for all relevant aviation emissions, fuel consumption and operating efficiency, refering to ICAO Carbon Emissions calculating methodology, noise reduction standards of EASA (EASA.IM) and emission measures of the European Environment Agency (EEA, EMEP Emission)

The module-like structure means, it is possible to relate the data both vertically as well as horizontally.
The results are interpreted on a multi-dimensional basis, so that an objective and impartial
aggregate view of the airline is given.
As far as possible, all data,analyses and evaluations are to be visualised clearly and
transparently.The viewer can call up the data in single mode (single view airline) or inmulti-mode (multi airlines).

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