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Worldwide operating airlines
Worldwide operating aircraft
Worlwide schedules & routes


One of the most complex themes within the AirlineProfiler is “Finance” analysis , with a large number of important economic indicators. Within this module, the data reliability factor  plays a decisive role.

The module presents the most important finance indicators:

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Profit ratios
  • Debt ratios
  • Equity ratios
  • Solvency
  • Cash Flow




Fleet and Aircraft records

Within the fleet module  the analysis gives an overview of the composition of the fleet , i.e. number of  aircrafts, aircraft  types, ownership and details on seat configuration, operating range or the average age of the whole fleet.

Flight Safety Evaluation



Environment and Emission

Within our environment module, all  relevant aviation emissions, fuel consumption and operating efficiency are taken into consideration, refering to ICAO Carbon Emissions calculating methodology, noise reduction standards of EASA (EASA.IM) and  emission measures of the European Environment Agency (EEA, EMEP Emission)

The emission calculation taking into account the following factors:

  • Fleet structure, fleet age, seat capacities
  • Aircraft MTOW and engines types
  • CO2, CO, HC and NOx
  • Fuel consumption, trip fuel, LTO cycles
  • Transport performance, load factors
  • Network and routes characteristics
  • Radiative forcing index(RFI)
  • Noise reduction acc. ICAO Annex 16/I
  • NOx reduction  CAEP 6, CAEP 8


Routes & Network



Airline consolidations, merger, holdings, co-operations, wetlease and code shares