Excerpts Emission Calculator

The Emission Calculation EMICA  allows accurate calculation of the ejected emissions for the entire flight phase, taking into account the LTO cycle, climb, cruise and descent phases.

Emica is an addon product for the airline profiler

The calculation of aircraft emission is based mainly on   three main databases (implemented within the AirlineProfiler databses):



The Database consists more then 26.000 active aircraft, approx. 500  types of engines with more then 51.000 revised new engine data.


  • Estimated Fuel Burn in kg.
  • Carbon dioxide CO2 per Pax in kg.
  • Radiative Forcing Index in g.
  • Nitrogen oxide, NOx in kg.
  • Hydrocarbon, HC in g
  • Carbon Monoxide, CO in g.
  • Noise Emission, in ENPdB ( according ICAO Annex 16/I, Chapter 4)




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