Flight Safety Evaluation

There is no universal and officially determined definition of the concept of “flight safety”. It is rather a combination of several required conditions so that a flight reaches its destination with a maximum of safety and a minimum risk of accidents, hence, an interaction between rules, environmental influences and technical and human factors.

However, reliable statements with respect to flight safety can be made only in a longer term analysis and with a greatest possible coverage of accident data.

Together with our Network Partner JACDEC, we provide  a powerfull, on long term basis and with greatest possible coverage of airline data, for a solid basis of safety assessment.



Our Flight Safety Module is devided into three main sections

  1. Operator Performance, Traffic Data and Operational Risks
  2. Accidents and Incidents Analysis (Flight Phases and  Accidents Factors)
  3. Additional International Audit Review and Statistics Charts


Section I – Operator



Section II – Accident & Incident Analysis



Section III – Additional Review, USOAP, Safety Occurences Map, Traffic Map

Source based on : – © International Civil Aviation Organization – ICAO