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The Airline Profiler is our primary services and can be ordered in three versions, the difference between the  versions is the amount of provided data, depth of data and complexity of the analysis.

  • Standard Version
  • Comprehensive Airline Data Presentation
  • Standard Reports
  • Airline Vetting
  • Network & Traffic  Statistics

The Premium version contains over 900 data per airline, divided into 15 different modules. Overall, the system manages more than 200 million data and indicators for almost 2000 airlines.
This version is aimed primarily for professional users who wants to create a complete and comprehensive evaluation of airlines
The Standard version is based on the Premium data, but with a very reduced scale and complexity, while providing a clear, comprehensive and meaningful analysis for more than 240 global operating Airlines. Among the large variety of data, significant key indicators are highlighted, which accommodates not only an aviation professional.
  • Premium

  • Standard


A full access to the Airline Profiler can be subscribed for 6 or 12 months.  For further details or subscription, please contact us: research[at]airlineprofiler[dot]eu