Solutions for aviation professionals

Our aviation market  intelligence solutions provide  customized reports and studies, covering the following focal points

  • Traffic trends & forecasts
  • Fleet & aircraft development
  • Operations & Performance analysis
  • Reliability & Quality assessments
  • Accidents & Incidents statistics
  • Environment & Emission calculation

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We are a reliable partner, a position we  attain through flawless customer service and a unique portfolio of  products and solutions that covers our customers requirements.
Our  professional network partners  ensure that our unique products and solutions stay unrivaled.

Our customers include the leading industry in Europe, such as airline operators, airports, air-brokers, corporate travel managers, automobile industry, pharmaceutical & chemical industry, insurances and banks.

We are innovative, engaged  and committed. We work in collaboration with our network partners and customers to ensure we are always delivering the most effective products, most efficient solutions.